Veterans of the Game – Craig Cameron and Ken McNabb

Craig Cameron, Ken McNabb and Richard Winters were the competitors selected for Road to the Horse 2010 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. To celebrate the anniversary of that epic battle, Craig Cameron and Ken McNabb are stepping back into the Road to the Horse round pen for a rematch in 2021. Don’t let their hiatus from the event fool you; a few extra years under their belt has only made them better horsemen. We ask them what’s changed.

Describe Road to the Horse in one sentence.

Ken: An incredibly challenging yet enjoyable competition.

Craig: A grueling, competitive test of horsemanship, skills, desire, determination, dedication, and courage.

What insight did you gain from being a Road to the Horse 2010 competitor?

Ken: Follow my gut instinct no matter what. There were decisions that I made in the round pen in 2010 that I talked myself into or out of. I believe those were mistakes I made that I do not intend to make in 2021.

Craig: Road to the Horse 2010 taught me to believe in the horse and the ideology of working with the horse and not against the horse. By taking that approach you will find trust, respect, teamwork, and the horse will gain confidence in the companionship. You must be patient, and you must believe in the relationship between man and horse.

How is your approach to Road to the Horse 2021 different from how you approached the event in 2010?

Ken: I have more confidence in myself, my ability, and I am way more relaxed in general. I believe that comes from two things. First, I am 10 years older and more confident in the methods I use. And second, I am more prepared and have practiced in a better manner than ever before.

Craig: Horsemanship is a lifelong process. I’ve had 10 years of learning, growing, and going. Not only am I growing in my horsemanship journey, Road to the Horse is also evolving.

Every competitor has been able to learn from past competitors and the competitors are tougher than ever. How has your horsemanship philosophy changed?

Ken: I don’t know that is has. However, I believe I am a better colt starter today because I understand my philosophy better than I did then. My philosophy has always been to put the horse first and reward every try. The difference between 2010 and now is I believe I see the tries quicker.

Craig: I have even more respect and more love for the horse. I have a deeper understanding of horsemanship, and my desire to learn everything I can about the horse just keeps growing and growing. As much as I think I’ve been able learn about horsemanship, sometimes I feel I’m just scratching the surface to this amazing animal we call the horse.