6666 Remuda


Thunderstruck. Every Road to the Horse fan knows that’s the song that scoots you to the edge of your seat. That song means the Road to the Horse Remuda is about to run into the Alltech Arena for the very first time. It’s one of the biggest highlights at every Road to the Horse event. It’s goosebumps time, it’s the tears welling up in your eyes time, it’s the time you realize that your entire lifetime of chasing your passion for the horse, was the right thing to do. Seeing the magnificent 6666 Ranch colts charge into the Alltech Arena will forever stay etched in your heart. Generations of the best American Quarter Horse bloodlines all come down to this moment.

True to their dedication to breeding the very best American Quarter Horses, the 6666 Ranch will compile a selection of their finest for Road to the Horse 2019. One by one, the colts will be showcased to Road to the Horse fans launching in November, 2018.

Set for stardom, these colts will take one giant leap on a Road to the Horse journey that will change the course for rest of their lives. Decades of history, champions and legends are all exemplified in this one solitary Remuda.

The Road to the Horse 2019 Remuda from the 6666 Ranch will be presented for sale to the public during Road to the Horse 2019. For information visit the 6666 Ranch booth on the main concourse at Road to the Horse 2019.

For a full history on the Four Sixes Ranch, visit www.6666ranch.com.

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