Amanda Wilson is a top New Zealand show jumper and horse trainer, having competed at the highest level in the sport as well as working with, and training, hundreds of different horses over the years with great success. Her horsemanship approach is purposely set with the psychology of the horse in mind, which has been greatly benefited through her own study of human and animal trauma.

Amanda’s philosophy is to teach her horses to respond to questions asked of them through the thinking side of their brain; instead of reacting through survival responses. This technique produces very relaxed happy horses that are easy to teach and thrive in ridden work. She has honed this ability through years of working alongside wild horses, (having tamed many wild stallions in New Zealand as well as Brumbies in Australia and Mustangs in America), studying the world’s best and starting countless horses of her own under saddle, since the age of 15.

Her passion is to bring more awareness to the psychological aspect of training a horse and how they process stress and store trauma. She hopes that her techniques will begin a new way of looking at horse behavior.

Amanda grew up competing from a young age and was show jumping at Grand Prix level by the age of 13-years-old. In 2009 she crossed paths with Showtym Viking, her pony of a lifetime, and together they went on to win many of the nation’s biggest show jumping titles. 

Over the years she has gained a reputation for producing horses through to the highest levels of show jumping, and her career highlights include winning the Pony of the Year, National Pony Grand Prix Championships, 5-Year-Old Series and the 7-Year-Old Horse of the Year, as well as placing second in the Olympic Cup (1.40-1.60m) and Young Rider of the Year.

Amanda is also a popular clinician, having taught thousands of riders across the country during retreats and clinics, as well as at New Zealand’s biggest equestrian events. She is also a well-known entertainer, having hosted night shows at Equidays, Equifest and Equitana, as well as being a sought-after motivational speaker.

At her property in Taupo, New Zealand, Amanda breeds, trains and competes a team of showjumpers. In her spare time, she writes (and in 2022 celebrated the publication of her first book Showtym Viking), travels the world in search of adventure, and studies trauma. 

“I am beyond excited to have been selected to be a part of the Road to the Horse Wild Card competition in Fortworth, Texas. This has been a dream of mine for so long! To be a part of such a rich history of top horsemen and women is such an honour, and I can’t wait to showcase my own unique set of horsemanship skills and styles on the world stage.”

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