Daniel Oliveira

Daniel Pacheco De Oliveira was born in Uberaba Minas Gerais Brazil on January 6th 1986. Mother, Marli Olegario, Father, Oracy Oliveira, he is the middle child of three brothers, Samuel Oliveira (oldest) and Cassio Oliveira (youngest). Both brothers have been successful, in Brazil, in the business sector. Daniel is the only family member who is involved with horses. When his brothers were into books and studying, Daniel was outside. After he had completed his 4-year degree in business, Daniel was off to a friend’s ranch, Neto Caetano. 

Neto taught Daniel so much about reining horses, showing him how to build a solid foundation in a performance colt. Daniel learned so many horsemanship skills from Neto, Daniel feels as if he could never repay him for helping him make his dreams come true. 

Daniel contacted Shawn Flarida in 2015, where he relied solely on Google to translate. Even though he had no English experience, Daniel made plans to obtain his passport and travel to Springfield, Ohio. He arrived, ready to work for Shawn, in January 2016. The decision to make the move to Ohio was an amazing experience for Daniel. The first time to see snow, feel temperatures that dipped below freezing, and take college classes to help him learn the English language. The kindness and knowledge that Shawn and his family showed Daniel was invaluable.

It wasn’t long before Daniel felt the pull of Texas, he knew it was the place he needed to be. In 2017, he moved to Fred Werneck’s ranch in Burleson, Texas, where he focused on roping, working alongside Fred and various NFR and PBR personalities. 

Daniel then went on to start his own horse training business, along with his wife, Deziraye Oliveira. They welcomed their daughter Camila in 2018. Deziraye, left her career in nursing to focus on their family horse training program. Together, they created DnD Performance Horses and purchased their first ranch in 2021, in Alba, Texas. 

A strong client base allowed Daniel to focus on high level cow horse colts. He looks forward to competing as a Road to the Horse Wild Card and is very grateful for the dreams he is able to follow. 

“It is an honor and blessing to be a Wild Card contestant this year on Road to the Horse. The opportunity is huge for me and my family. Our dreams are continually growing and we are thankful.”

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