Main Competitor — Wade Black

“My overall training philosophy is influenced by Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, and the mechanical influence regarding day to day work is from my dad, Martin Black.  I use a lot of their philosophies and mix them all with my own personal journey” states Wade Black. “Would my grandfather (Ray Hunt) compete in Road to the Horse? I think he’d be all over it! He loved working with horses and he loved a challenge.”

Wade Black
Wade Black

Wade Black was born on the Stampede Ranch in Nevada. At a very young age he was roping, moving cows, and working with the cowboys on the ranch which was managed by his father. Wade went on to earn a rodeo scholarship in Saddle Bronc riding at Montana State University, where he received a BS in Equine Science, and a MS in Equine Nutrition. Wade has spent time in Kentucky training racehorses, in Texas training cutting horses, and at different cow camps in Idaho and Oregon. Horsemanship is in Wade’s blood.

“My dad gave me some advice from his time as a competitor at Road to the Horse. He was excited, he said just to do what you do with a horse. Just focus on the horse.”

Wade Black secured his position as a competitor at Road to the Horse 2021 by winning the Road to the Horse 2019 Wild Card competition.

Learn more about Wade Black at Wade now directs the Equine Science Program at Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario, Oregon. Learn more about the Equine Program in Ontario, Oregon, at

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