Pen Wrangler Lineup of Champions at Road to the Horse 2017

It’s no secret, being a competitor at Road to the Horse is daunting in both skill and endurance. The World Championship of Colt Starting has a vivid history of testing the world’s best. Each competitor selects one Pen Wrangler of their choice for the event, this is their right-hand-man, their assistant, their timekeeper and their rock, a position not appointed lightly. Road to the Horse 2017 brings a Pen Wrangler lineup like never before. Never in the history of Road to the Horse has every Pen Wrangler presented with such intimate knowledge of the event and never has every Pen Wrangler been a past Road to the Horse Champion or competitor.

“You may not have paid much attention to the Pen Wranglers of the past, but maybe you should have” says Road to the Horse Owner/Producer, Tootie Bland. “They are the eyes, ears, co-strategizers and keepers of the emotions and encouragements that each clinician depends on. This year if I were looking through the panels and saw any one of these Pen Wranglers in my corner I would feel like the US Calvary had just arrived!”

Chris Cox, Richard Winters and Sean Patrick (L-R).

Chris Cox, Richard Winters and Sean Patrick (L-R).

Standing behind the WW Livestock gate of Barbara Cox’s round pen will be the support of her husband and 4x undefeated Road to the Horse World Champion, Chris Cox. Our most decorated Road to the Horse Champion, Chris Cox could author the playbook of this prestigious colt starting competition.

Veteran Road to the Horse competitor Sarah Winters Dawson designated her father and past Road to the Horse 2009 World Champion Richard Winters to act as her Pen Wrangler in 2017. A fan favorite Richard Winters is not only a past Road to the Horse World Champion, both Richard and Sarah have been crowned multiple World Championships in NRCHA competition.

Road to the Horse newcomer and 2017 competitor, Rachelle Valentine also brings with her a wealth of experience with Pen Wrangler and business partner, Sean Patrick. No stranger to Road to the Horse fans, Floridian horseman Sean Patrick has enjoyed much success in the Road to the Horse Wildcard competition.

Road to the Horse 2017 is a celebration of the cowgirl guaranteed to educate, entertain and inspire. With a packed entertainment lineup and an enormous shopping experience, history will certainly be made in 2017. Road to the Horse 2017 tickets are available online at or by calling 877-772-5425.  Follow Road to the Horse on Facebook for the latest information

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