6666’s Legendary Remuda Racing into Lexington for Road to the Horse 2013

Legendary 6666’s Ranch of Guthrie, Texas, will provide the 2013 Road to the Horse remuda for the third year in a row, testing the horsemanship of competitors, Dan James, Guy McLean, Sarah Winters, and Obbie Schlom.

“This year we’re bringing the best horses that have ever set foot at Road to the Horse,” says accomplished producer Tootie Bland.

Road to the Horse matches the world’s brightest horse trainers with the world’s most athletic horses. The historic Texas ranch is known for producing some of the most iconic performance American Quarter Horses in the industry.

“I’d like to think the horses get better every year,” says 6666’s Ranch resident veterinarian and AQHA executive committee member, Glenn Blodgett, DVM. “But truly this is, I think, a special group. They are really top notch and could be the best so far.”

Blodgett picks the top untouched 3-year-olds to compete in Road to the Horse.  At the competition, riders take turns picking their equine partner.  The foundation for a successful relationship between horse and rider is laid during their short time in the round pen.  The competitors have only three days to turn these 3-year-olds into sure footed and confident companions.

“The main thing I strive for in the selection of the horses for Road to the Horse is selecting horses that are a good representative sample of what we are trying to produce on the ranch today,” says Blodgett. “This event showcases their athletic ability upon their interaction with horse trainers in the arena.”

2012 Road to the Horse champions, Dan James and Guy McLean won the competition aboard 6666’s colts, Remember Sunset, a grey gelding now called “Swampy From Heaven”, and Valliant Paddy, a sorrel who goes by “Aussie”.  Both James and McLean were so impressed with Swampy and Aussie, they purchased the colts after the competition to incorporate into their own programs.

“The horses that the 6666’s Ranch brings each year are stunning,” says Bland. “These horses have amazing athletic ability.”

6666’s horses are carefully bred, under the watchful eye of Blodgett, to render cow sense, speed and agility. Some are kept on the ranch; others are trained for racing or performance competitions, and only a select few make it into the Road to the Horse competition.

The 6666’s is part of Burnett Ranches LLC, owned by Mrs. Anne W. Marion, the great-granddaughter of the ranch’s founder: Captain Samuel “Burk” Burnett.  The ranch is the recipient of the AQHA All-Time Leading Breeder of Performance Horses, AQHA All-Time Leading Breeder of Race Money-Earners and Winners, as well as the coveted AQHA Best Remuda.