RTTH 2022 Freestyle Horsemanship Challenge

About the Freestyle Horsemanship Challenge

There’s an exciting new addition to this year’s Road to the Horse 2022 World Championship weekend! On Saturday March 26th right after our opening ceremonies we hosted an Invitational Freestyle Horsemanship Challenge that featured performances from our Road to the Horse celebrities. This will be a great chance for 2022 competitors, pen wranglers, entertainers and guest clinicians to deliver a creative performance that showcases the confidence, trust, and harmony between them and their horse.

The objective of the competition is to showcase the versatility of talent of the Road to the Horse celebrities.


Competitors included fan favorites such as:

  • Pat Parelli
  • Mary Kitzmiller
  • Brandi Lyons
  • Mike Major
  • Dan James

Rules & Regulations:

Each freestyle routine shall:

  • Be between 3 minutes and 6 minutes, which includes any introductions. The time will begin when the horse enters the arena and will end when the music stops. 
  • Each routine must consist of, but is not limited, to the following required riding maneuvers. The following required maneuvers must be performed in the first two minutes of the routine:
    * (2) Full circles to the right at the lope
    * (2) Full circles to the left at the lope
    * (2) Lead changes, from either direction (L-R or R-L )
    * (2) Consecutive spins to the right
    * (2) Consecutive spins to the left
    * (2) Stops – From a lope to a complete stop
    * Failure to display any of the above elements will result in a score of 0 for that maneuver
  • Competitors have the option to use ground working tools, snaffle bits, bosals, or any shank bit of their choice. All equipment must be humane, non -abusive to the horse and follow the humane principles of Road to the Horse. 
  •  Competitors have the option to utilize one or more additional riders in their routine. Additional riders may only be introduced into the routine after the first two minutes has elapsed.
  • Competitors have the option to utilize more than one horse in their routine. Additional horses may be used at any time during the span of the routine and may be used mounted or at liberty. 


  • Required Riding Maneuvers will receive a technical score from 0-5. (Max score 30)
  • Creativity/Horsemanship will receive a technical score from 0-10. (Max score 50)
  • Awards will be give to the Top 5 plus Fan Favorite