RTTH Official Program receives Top Honors at AHP Equine Media Awards

We take the Road to the Horse Official Program very personally. We’ve racked up countless hours writing, creating, tweaking and editing but who counts hours when you’re following a passion? It’s both our desire to create the best program we can for our fans and our unyielding love for horse, that drives us to not only create an informative publication but one that will be cherished as a keepsake. Road to the Horse was honored to accept top honors in the Business Brand Equine-Related Publication category at the AHP Equine Media Awards on June 17th in Scottsdale, AZ.

The award-winning Road to the Horse 2016 Program was our biggest yet, encapsulating seventy-two color pages with everything a fan would love to know about Road to the Horse including pedigrees on the AQHA Remuda, Road to the Horse history, scorecards, judge’s biographies and even favorite reaward-tophonorescipes from the competitors!

Road to the Horse was also privileged to accept an additional award of an Honorable Mention in the highly-contested Business Equine-Related Single Print Advertisement category, an advertisement inspired by a stunning portrait photograph of Nadine Bailey, Tootie Bland’s mother.

“We won! Holy cow, we won!” declared Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland. “There have been a million ‘No, that is not quite right’ to ‘yes that’s it’ in my ‘push until you get it’ fashion to take a typically stagnant, common program that is cranked out at all events and turn it into a memorable keepsake from Road to the Horse to our fans. It is an honor to have won this AHP Award and on a personal note the portrait advertisement of my mother, Nadine Bailey, receives an Honorable Mention! It was a great day for Road to the Horse among the giants of the publishing world.”

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