Road to the Horse 2017 Drill Team Showdown


Fans at Road to the Horse 2017 can be prepared for an added competition like never before! We’ll gather over 30 girls and more than 30 horses, in the very first Road to the Horse Drill Team Showdown.

We’re welcoming back the much loved Young Guns 4H Drill Team who performed at Road to the Horse 2016, and they’ll be joined by some fierce competition.

Meet Young Guns 4H Drill Team…..

rtthHomepageFeaturedImage-drill-4Who is a Young Gun cowgirl?  She epitomizes courage and heart!  The endless hours of care and work she dedicates to her horse and her teammates are what she truly loves.  Being a Young Gun goes well beyond our love of horses and riding, we learn how to become responsible, industrious and productive citizens of this great nation!  Recently named the 2016 4-H Kentucky State Champions, the Young Guns now hold 9 state titles, 6 reserve state titles, and 4 national titles!  The Young Guns just keep rockin’ the horse world and was proud to perform at Road to the Horse 2016!

Meet Prime Time Express…..

(PTE) is a non-profit mounted equestrian drill team hailing from the Central Texas, City of Groesbeck. PTE is known for their matching white western hats, long curly ponytails, and patriotic high-collared long-sleeved shirts. The group of ladies has captivated audiences with their style and grace for more than 12 years with their high-energy, perfectly-synchronized performances arranged on horseback.

Prime Time Express performs at exhibitions, rodeos and parades, and competes against other mounted drill teams from across the USA where they have won many state and national titles. Recently, at the 2016 National Competition, PTE won the 2016 Sports Quest Cup Ride of Champions.

The team also had the honor and privilege of being “selected”, from many equestrian applications, to participate in the 2013 as well as the 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. Part of this honor was performing at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center Equestfest which was aired on RFD TV.

Meet the Norwegian Fjord Quadrille

The Norwegian Fjord Quadrille is a collaboration of Fjord Horses and riders from Starfire Farm in Berthoud, Colorado; Gina DeSantis of Let’s Dance Dressage in ClearfielDrillTeam-fjordd, Pennsylvania; Lisa Calder of Mindful Horsemanship in French Corral, California and other Fjord horses and their riders from the Midwest. Led by Beth Beymer, the Starfire Farm Norwegian Fjord Quadrille has a lengthy history of performing in the National Western Stock Show Evening of Dancing Horses in Denver, Colorado and have also performed at Equestfest in Burbank, California; participated in the 2014 Rose Parade in Pasadena California and performed in Winona, Minnesota as well as in New Mexico and Tennessee.

“We are thrilled to be participating in RTTH 2017 and to celebrate the great legacy of the cowgirl in North America! Fjord Horses come in five recognized colors of dun; Brown Dun, Grey Dun, White Dun, Red Dun and the rarest color, Yellow Dun. We hope to be able to include all five colors in our quadrille presentations” – Beth Beyner.

Prime Time Express:

Young Guns 4H Drill Team:


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