2021 Ticket Info

March 25-28, 2021 | Lexington, Kentucky

Purchase your Road to the Horse 2021 tickets by calling 1-800-514-3849 or purchase online here.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Please be sure to read ticket purchase and return policies found on this page. By purchasing tickets, you are agreeing to all purchase and return policies. Watch the Road to the Horse Facebook page for news about Road to the Horse 2021.

Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions:

Reserve your Road to the Horse 2021 seat today. Purchase your WORRY-FREE* event ticket now! In the event Road to the Horse 2021 must be postponed, we’ll offer you your same seats or a full-refund, no questions asked – your purchase is worry-free.

How do I purchase my Legacy Seats for Road to the Horse 2021?
Roadies may purchase Road to the Horse 2021 Legacy seats by calling 1-800-514-3849. Roadies may purchase tickets here.

Who will the Championship Competitors and Wild Cards be at Road to the Horse 2021?
Every 2020 Championship Competitor and Wild Card will be in Lexington at Road to the Horse 2021 and they’ll have their chance to compete for the title. Championship competitors include Wade Black, Craig Cameron and Ken McNabb. Wild Cards are Wylene Davis, Cole Cameron and Craig Moore.

Were all Road to the Horse 2020 tickets refunded?
Yes. All Road to the Horse 2020 ticket holders received a full refund. Ticket holders may call the Customer Support Team at 1-800-514-3849 with additional questions.

How was my 2021 refund processed?
The credit card you used to purchase your Road to the Horse 2020 tickets will be credited. If you purchased tickets with cash or no longer have the credit card that was used to make the purchase, a refund will be made via a mailed check.

Who do I contact with additional questions?
Ticket holders may call the Customer Support Team at 1-800-514-3849 with additional questions. If you have questions regarding your RTTH VIP Experience Ticket or your RTTH Round Up Party Ticket, please call the Road to the Horse office at (325) 736-5000.

Will my hotel reservations be automatically transferred to the new date?
No. Please call your hotel and reschedule your stay in Lexington.

Are their any special VIP Packages for Road to the Horse 2021?
Yes.  Learn more about the new Road to the Horse 2021 VIP Experience here. It’s the ultimate Road to the Horse experience with premium access.

Can I bring my professional camera into Road to the Horse?
All cameras must be hand held and must not have a lens longer than 3″ in length (detachable or non-detachable). No tripods or monopods will be permitted. Fans are not permitted to record video action or feed video action via to Facebook Live or any other sharing platform during the production of Road to the Horse. Media representatives must register with Road to the Horse by contacting tammy@roadtothehorse.com.

Can I take photographs and/or video at Road to the Horse?
You are permitted to take photographs at any time, however they may not be sold. Photographs are for personal use only.
Video footage is not permitted during the event at any time due to film production.

Can I exchange my seats?
No, tickets can not be exchanged, and are NON-refundable.

At what age does a child need a ticket?
Children over the age of three years are required to have a ticket. Children under three do not require an additional ticket.

Do I have to use the ticket for all 3 days?
One (1) ticket provides admission for ONLY the ticket holder for all 3 days. This is not a single day ticket, and can not be transferred from one person to another.

What do I do if I can’t find my tickets?
When you purchased tickets, you were assigned a Transaction ID and you selected a PIN. When you wish to have a ticket re-issued because you have lost or misplaced it, go to the Main Page and click on “Reissue tickets that have been lost or stolen .” You will be prompted to enter your Transaction ID and your PIN. The system will then invalidate the ticket that was lost or stolen and create a new ticket for you to print. The new ticket will be available for printing as it was when you first purchased it. The old ticket has been canceled and cannot be used. If it is presented at the venue, it will be invalid.
You may also call 1-800-514-3849 to have your tickets re-issued.

What do I do if I forget my Transaction ID or PIN?
When you purchased your tickets, you were sent an email confirmation of your purchase. This email confirmation included your Transaction ID and PIN. Please print this out and save it in a safe place. These numbers are used for security checks in transferring tickets or recovering tickets that have been lost or stolen.

What do I do if my printer jams?
If your printer jams while you are printing your ticket(s), the first thing to do is determine the cause of the printer malfunction. After that, all you need to do is click on PRINT again. Your browser should still contain the image of the ticket(s) you had been printing and can be printed again. Remember, only the first copy of a ticket scanned at an event will be admitted. Subsequent copies of a single ticket that are scanned will be read as invalid and not admitted.

Do I need any special paper to print the ticket?
No special paper is required to print your ticket – just a good quality paper you probably have in your printer already.

What if my Roadie membership expires after I purchase my tickets but before the event?
Your membership will have to be renewed before the event in order to take advantage of the many benefits.

As a Roadie Member how many tickets can I purchase?
Only Roadie members can purchase up to 8 tickets.

As a Roadie Member, do tickets have to be in each attendee’s name?
No, as a Roadie Member you can purchase up to 8 tickets in your name and give to whoever you want.

Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs but unfortunately dogs are not permitted to be in the Alltech Arena. Certified service dogs only.

I may need a disability accommodation at the event. Who may I contact to discuss my needs?
Contact Road to the Horse by contacting tammy@roadtothehorse.com or call (325) 736-5000.

To view available seating and to purchase tickets click here.

Purchase Policies

The following purchase policies are designed to ensure your satisfaction and understanding of the purchase process for Road to the Horse. If you have any questions about the following information, please contact us. Each ticket that you purchase is a license to attend that particular event and is subject to the additional terms set forth on that ticket.

This ticket is a Revocable License. Any violation of law or any other inappropriate behavior by the user of this ticket will result in revocation of the license, denial of admission or removal from the event with no refund of the purchase price or any associated charges. User of this ticket assumes all responsibility for all risk of bodily harm as well as damage to or loss of property while attending this event.

Warning: This ticket is for purchase or transfer by electronic means only. Purchase of this ticket from or sale by a Third Party is not authorized and will be revoked with no refund of purchase price or any associated charges. Tickets not purchased electronically carry a great risk of being fraudulent. Venue operator reserves the right to require photo ID for entry.

Return Policy

Lost Ticket Policy
If you have lost your ticket, you must contact Click n Print in order to print a new ticket. Please call their customer helpline at 1-877-772-5425.

All ticket prices for the event are stated in U.S. Dollars.

By Purchasing a Ticket to Road to the Horse, you understand and agree that NO VIDEO RECORDING of the event is allowed. Those caught video recording the event will be asked to leave.

Road to the Horse is a registered trademark of MCC Magazines, LLC. All rights reserved.

(*) If Road to the Horse 2021 should be held as planned, our normal refund policy applies.