2019 Remuda

True to their dedication to breeding the very best American Quarter Horses, the 6666 Ranch has compiled a selection of their finest for Road to the Horse 2019. Set for stardom, these colts will take one giant leap on a Road to the Horse journey that will change the course for rest of their lives. Decades of history, champions and legends are all exemplified in this one solitary Remuda. The Road to the Horse 2019 Remuda from the 6666 Ranch will be presented for sale to the public during Road to the Horse 2019. For information visit the 6666 Ranch booth on the main concourse at Road to the Horse 2019. For a full history on the Four Sixes Ranch, visit www.6666ranch.com.

#1 Sixes Body

“SIXES BODY is a beautiful buckskin. He’s a well balanced horse who is sired by SIXES PICK. SIXES PICK sired PERFECT PERFORMANCE (aka. TRES), the Road to the Horse 2011 World Champion Colt who was ridden by Chris Cox. SIXES BODY has great confirmation traits that everyone can relate to and a superior pedigree” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#2 Little River King

“This colt is sired by WR THIS CATS SMART, this sire has had colts at Road to the Horse before that have been selected (by Sarah Dawson in 2017). This sire has not had a winner at Road to the Horse thus far but he is a very popular reining and cowhorse sire, in fact he was the leading reined cowhorse sire in 2018. This sire is a great athletic all-round cowhorse… he’s going to sire a Road to the Horse winner someday soon!” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#3 Six Limits

“SIX LIMITS is sired by GUTHRIE CITY LIMITS, a son of SIXES PICK. We have four GUTHRIE CITY LIMITS colts for 2019, this is a new sire and these 3 year olds are his oldest crop of colts. This is new sire that offers a lot of potential” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#4 Guthrie Powder

“GUTHRIE POWDER is another colt sired by GUTHRIE CITY LIMITS. This colt has great confirmation traits and a lot of eye appeal” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#5 Guthrie Bypass

“This is a beautiful buckskin colt sired by GUTHRIE CITY LIMITS out of the dam PADDYS TOPAZ. PADDYS TOPAZ is also the dam of one of our featured stallions in the Road to the horse 2019 Remuda, JESSES  TOPAZ” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#6 Rockin Oats

“Sired by ROCKIN W, who also sired the Road to the Horse 2015 World Champion Colt (ROCKIN HISTORY), who was ridden by Chris Cox. The dam of this colt is a full sister to the Road to the Horse 2016 World Champion colt, SPEEDY CREAM” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#7 Future City Limits

“Sired by GUTHRIE CITY LIMITS and our of a dam called, STYLISH FUTURE. STYLISH FUTURE was a great performer herself and was Reserve World Champion Versatility Ranch Horse when she was younger” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#8 Picks W

“Another colt sired by ROCKIN W, who also sired the Road to the Horse 2015 World Champion Colt (ROCKIN HISTORY), who was ridden by Chris Cox. I think this colt may even have a little more athletic ability than ROCKIN HISTORY, he has a lot more action to him. PICKS W is out of a PLAYIN ATTRACTION mare. PLAYIN ATTRACTION was the sire of the Road to the Horse 2016 World Champion colt (SEVEN ATTRACTION) who was ridden by Nick Dowers.

#9 Doubles Bottom

“Sired by NATURAL BOTTOM,  this is the sire’s first foal crop. NATURAL BOTTOM was the mascot for Road to the Horse 2018. He was a tremendous about of personality, and he was the 2017 National RHAA Champion. He’s a looker and this colt shows a lot of athletic ability as well” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#10 Jesses Step

“Sired by JESSES TOPAZ, a really popular young buskin sire who is extremely well minded and athletic. He’s quick and fast and can get get started off quickly and move out. JESSES TOPAZ is a very well minded sire” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

#11 Billy Dixon Shot

“BILLY DIXON SHOT was named after a famous shot by BILLY DIXON back in the late 1800’s in the Texas panhandle. In that battle, a shot was made from a 50 CAL rifle, from a huge distance, it went down in Texas history” Dr. Glenn Blodgett.