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    Road to the Horse Fan, Laura writes:

    I see movement…. an ear…. a face….. toplines….. there are many of them
    they are coming
    hear it?
    a cadence
    hooves…… many of them…. like the thunder of a sweet summer storm
    what is that sound now….. it’s me….. my heart…. it joins the thunderous hooves
    we are becoming one
    one moment
    a promise from the dust at first…. joined by the thunder….and then my own heartbeat
    it’s time…. time for the memory books to open blank pages
    here they come
    see their eyes!
    manes are flowing
    nostrils are flaring
    They are passing
    taking me with them
    for even if you do not carry me on your back
    i am going with you
    the memories are starting…
    the pages in my mind are filling
    no one can take them from me…. they are mine
    down that road…. with the dust…. and the thunder that is now my heart
    down that road ….. the Road to the Horse.