• Facebook Live at the 6666 Ranch


    Tuesday, October 24th, 2017, was kinda like Christmas for the Road to the Horse crew. It’s our first glimpse at the Road to the Horse 2018 Remuda from the 6666 Ranch. It’s the time when we stare at the horizon, standing on sacred ground, waiting for the 6666 Ranch cowboys to push the Remuda into view. It’s special. It’s epic. Watching the Remuda pass, you’re watching generations of select American Quarter Horse breeding that have not only made history, but changed the face of the entire equine industry. It’s an honor and a privilege that we don’t take for granted. It’s the gathering of the Road to the Horse 2018 Remuda.

    For the first time ever, Road to the Horse fans got to join the Road to the Horse crew as the Remuda was gathered, via Facebook Live. Road to the Horse fans got a chance to see exactly what the crew sees, as it happened. If you missed it? Be sure and visit Road to the Horse Facebook to watch the videos.

    Road to the Horse wishes to extend a sincere thank you to the 6666 Ranch, as well as Western Horseman and Equine Monthly, who helped us cover this historic event.

    Stay tuned to Road to the Horse, and we’ll take a closer look at the 2018 Remuda, one by one.