Road to the Horse 2021 will be hosted by …

Matt West – Host

Born and raised in northeast Oklahoma, Matt West has always been fascinated with the cowboy lifestyle. After receiving a degree in agriculture from Northeast Oklahoma A&M and then attending Oklahoma State University, it was a dare that put Matt behind the microphone for the very first time. Beginning his career in amateur rodeo, West has since earned his PRCA card and continues to work various PBR events across the country and even in Canada. It is his strong faith and continued family support that West credits for his quick success, but also notes that it is his extended rodeo family and new friends that he has met along the way, that has kept him traveling and doing what he loves to do. Road to the Horse 2021 will be West’s ninth year as the host of Road to the Horse.

Dan James – Horseman’s Host

Dan James is a Road to the Horse fan favorite; fans have been intrigued with the roman-riding Australian horseman since his first performance at Road to the Horse 2012. James has held many titles at Road to the Horse as a past Champion, competitor, and entertainer. Now he’ll be adding the title of Horseman’s Host to his already impressive list of Road to the Horse titles.

Born in Queensland Australia on a small cattle farm and starting his first colt in his early teens sparked his hunger to understand more about the horse’s thinking patterns. After studying at Longreach Pastoral College, James began traveling the world to gain a better understanding of the horse. In 2008, James joined his good friend, Dan Steers, in Western Australia at El Caballo Spanish Horse Centre where they performed together each weekend. In 2009, Steers and James relocated to New South Wales and founded Double Dan Horsemanship. Now based in the United States, Dan James continues to perform, teach, and inspire horse lovers at the Australian Equine Performance Center, based in Midway, Kentucky. James is joined by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter Isabella and son Jesse.

Booger Brown – Fan Host

Booger Brown is a 4th generation Cowboy who has been working cattle and riding horses his entire life. He is an accomplished horseman, and renowned horse trainer, who has trained and shown cutting horses and various types of performance horses. Booger also hosts horsemanship clinics across the country. He has a love for all animals, and is well-respected and trusted within the horse community, with many seeking after him when they are having challenges with their horses.

Road to the Horse fans were introduced to Booger Brown at Road to the Horse 2019 when he competed as a Wild Card. Booger is also one of the stars of the award-winning, and fan-favorite series “The Cowboy Way,” which can be seen on the general-entertainment television network INSP. Booger Brown lives in Geneva, Alabama, with his wife Jaclyn and their son Matthew.

Road to the Horse 2021 will feature these entertainers …

Bobby Kerr

Bobby has a career rich in western heritage that spans over 45 years. Born in Ontario, Canada, Bobby’s passion for horses and the western lifestyle led him to pursue his dreams of training and showing in Cutting, Reining, Roping and Working Cow Horse events. Kerr now spends his time on the rodeo and horse show circuit performing with his team of American Mustangs and inspiring audiences around the nation with their incredible display of courage and trust.

Kerr has dedicated his life to his horses and his relentless passion for the western lifestyle has inspired millions of fans around the nation. A PRCA Specialty Act of the Year and Founder of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Kerr will bring his award-winning Mustang Act to the fans of Road to the Horse.

Young Guns 4-H Equestrian Drill Team

Founded in 1999, the Young Guns Equestrian Drill Team is a group of 4-H equestrians ranging from age 9 to 18, and 4-H alumnae. The group has earned numerous titles including 10 state titles, 7 reserve state titles, and 3 national titles. The team has performed at prestigious events such as Equine Affair, Michigan Horse Fair, Southern Equine Expo and BreyerFest.

“Exciting and fearless, the Young Guns are ready to rock Road to the Horse with their daring crosses and thrilling speed. Our team is honored to be invited back to this world-renowned colt starting competition” states Young Guns 4-H Drill Team Director Joyce Voet. “We’re so excited to be able to ride alongside such talented horsemen and horsewomen at Road to the Horse 2021.”

Nancy Hammock – RTTH Cowboy Church Host

Ms. Nancy Hammock of Perry Georgia was born in 1950, grew up as a country girl and loved it. She had a passion for horses at an early age and it has never faded. Another passion was floral design which ended up being her profession, allowing her to work with some of the top designers in the nation. Nancy was raised in the church, where she was saved as a young girl. Life got complicated with work, church, and horses, so Jesus got put on a shelf. She let life, the world and the love of horses take the lead. But in 1990 that all changed when Nancy went to her first cowboy church service where she had an encounter with God. It radically changed her life. She learned that putting God first would bring a new revelation that God wanted to use her for something more. All the while still letting her love of horses play a large part in spreading the gospel with cowboys and cowgirls. In 2018 Nancy became an Ordained Minister, enabling her to reach people in all areas of life. A ministry that started out by her horse trailer at events, with just a simple devotion and prayer soon developed into a much needed ministry to not only include herself and her daughter, but all cowboys and cowgirls who were on the road most of weekends, wanting to still serve God, but did not have a place to worship. Two of her favorite quotes she loves and speaks daily are- “Only one life we will pass but only what’s done for Christ will last” and… “Love God and love People”

Nancy and her granddaughter at the NBHA Youth & Teen World Championships in Perry Georgia

Laura Green – Singer

I am a mother of three from Elizabethtown, KY.  I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky.  I worked in the country music industry in Nashville, TN, back in the 90’s but left to be a wife and a mother in Georgia.  I returned to Kentucky in 2005.  I ride and compete in Extreme Cowboy Racing with my three children, who are 18, 15 and 11.   I have been honored to sing the National Anthem for the Extreme Cowboy Association’s National and World Championships on several occasions.  I was honored as well to sing both the Canadian and American National Anthems at The Cowboy-Up Challenge at the 2014 Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta.  As an American, a mother, and the former wife of a Marine and police officer, I have a great respect for our country and the servicemen and women who protect her.  I have not served in our country’s military, but when I sing our National Anthem, I sing it for those who have fought for her, who are currently fighting for her, and for those who will fight for her.  I sing it because I am proud and thankful to be an American.