• The Many Faces of Road to the Horse 2017

    Nadine Bailey - Mother of RTTH Owner/Producer Tootie Bland

    Nadine Bailey – Mother of RTTH Owner/Producer Tootie Bland

    Road to the Horse 2017 is dedicated to the celebration of the cowgirl and there’s no better way to commemorate the cowgirl, than with cowgirls themselves! Rolling out across national and regional publications is a Road to the Horse 2017 advertising campaign that spans generations, and is as diversified as the characters within it. Each Road to the Horse advertisement profiles the character of a cowgirl close to our heart.

    Models for the Road to the Horse advertising campaign include: Nadine Bailey, mother of Road to the Horse Owner and Producer Tootie Band. Charley Cox, daughter of Road to the Horse 2017 competitor Barbara Cox and 4x undefeated Road to the Horse Champion Chris Cox. Myla Mustian, granddaughter of 6666 Ranch veterinarian Dr. Glenn Blodgett, as well as Berkleigh Bleu Hale and the announced competitors including Barbara Cox, Rachelle Valentine and Sarah Winters Dawson.

    “The very first all-cowgirl World Championship of Colt Starting is so special to us. We wanted fans to know that this celebration is dedicated to every cowgirl, from every generation, who has devoted their life to following their passion” states Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland. “Being a cowgirl means not only those that swing a leg over a horse but also those that face the day to day challenges of life with courage, dignity and the willingness to overcome any and all obstacles life hands out.”

    Barbara Cox, Sarah Winters Dawson and Rachelle Valentine have been announced as competitors at Road to the Horse 2017, they will be joined by a soon to be announced, fourth competitor. Road to the Horse 2017 will return to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, on March 23-26, 2017.

    Road to the Horse 2017 tickets are available online at www.RoadtotheHorse.com or by calling 877-772-5425.  Follow Road to the Horse on Facebook for the latest information. Learn more about the 6666 Ranch at www.6666Ranch.com.


    Charley Cox, daughter of RTTH 2017 competitor Barbara Cox and 4x undefeated RTTH Champion Chris Cox. Myla Mustian, granddaughter of 6666 Ranch veterinarian Dr. Glenn Blodgett.


    Charley Cox

    Berkleigh Bleu Hale

    Berkleigh Bleu Hale


    Myla Mustian


    Charley Cox


    Charley Cox

    Some bonus photos from our shoot. A peek behind the scenes:


    Case Cox helping with the roses.


    Cupcake break..Thanks to Tootie!


    Best assistant ever! Case Cox holds the light for his sister.


    Visiting old friends. The crew with Pepto.

  • The Fabric of Road to the Horse 2017


    If you can imagine this…. You are standing in the vast lush green grass of the 6666 Ranch and squinting into the sun due east when you see only the movement of color and faint images of horses coming your way in the far off distance. Your heart starts to race and you know you have just spotted the horses! I have not once been able to contain myself and not yell what everyone else is seeing as well….“The Horses Are Coming!” But in 2016, I was in for an even bigger surprise. Low and be hold leading the pack was the most beautiful gleaming palomino any horse lover had ever laid their eyes on! As the AQHA Remuda got closer and closer everyone could see that he was not only an incredibly beautiful individual but also a true free spirit of his domain.rtth17-fabric

    The camera shutters went off in a rapid-fire flurry of hundreds of frames a second as he bolted into the catch pen. He pranced around with his head held high and would whirl and burst off in front of us. He was as confident as he was beautiful, as athletic as he was golden and as proud as the history of his home the 6666 Ranch.

    Did we get the shot? You bet we got the shot! Playboys Cinch was a horse and a moment that we could not erase from our ever-present memory.

    When it came time to design the ever-complicated Road to the Horse Fabric for 2017 there was only one photograph that burst into our thoughts, held us prisoners in our own minds and would not leave until we used it … a horse in a moment of time that captured us all with his beauty, pride and spirit.. the Golden Palomino, Playboys Cinch!

    Currently in production, stay tuned for our Road to the Horse 2017 custom designed fabric which will be used in a stunning ladies fitted tee. Be sure to order as soon as they are available online, as the custom RTTH 2016 ladies’ tee, sold out on day two of the main event in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Shop a selection of RTTH 2017 Official Apparel already released here