March 26-29, 2015
   Lexington, Kentucky

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What is Road to the Horse?

Road to the Horse is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines education and entertainment for an all out horsemanship experience.

The competition has in the past taken three or four internationally known, elite horse trainers and clinicians and puts them up against each other for the esteemed title of Road to the Horse World Champion. These competitors choose a horse out of the AQHA Remuda, a group of 3 year old untouched horsess, and they begin building a relationship between horse and human.

Unlike a horse show, these competitors are judged not only on a final test of skill, but the means to the end result. The goal of Road to the Horse is to teach horsemen and women that natural horsemanship is a kinder, gentler way of working with horses.

Chris Cox
Three time undefeated World Champion Chris Cox

Do you have World Championship Dreams?

Apply to become a Road to the Horse contender and step into the World's Horsemanship Arena.

About Road to the Horse

Competitor History (winners in blue):

  • 2003 - Curt Pate, Josh Lyons, Clinton Anderson
  • 2005 - Craig Cameron, Clinton Anderson, Van Hargis
  • 2006 - Van Hargis, Martin Black, Craig Cameron, Stacy Westfall
  • 2007 - Chris Cox, Stacy Westfall, Clinton Anderson
  • 2008 - Mike Kevil, Tommy Garland, Ken McNabb, Chris Cox
  • 2009 - John Lyons, Tommy Garland, Richard Winters
  • 2010 - Richard Winters, Craig Cameron, Ken McNabb
  • 2011 - Pat Parelli, Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson
  • 2012 International
    • Team Australia - Guy McLean & Dan James
    • Tean Canada - Jonathan Field & Glenn Stewart
    • Team USA - Craig Cameron & Pat Parelli
  • 2013 - Dan James, Sarah Winters, Guy McLean, Obbie Schlom


2014 - Jim Anderson, Antoine Cloux, Jonathan Field, Dan Steers